About Us

CERAMEX is a company committed to offering unique and innovative artisan products, in which it embodies the Mexican culture for the taste of its customers.


CERAMEX is culture, quality and creativity achieved through the excellent work carried out by its great team of collaborators, which is appreciated and valued all over the world.


CERAMEX is synonymous with leadership, we are a great family made up of the best artisans in Mexico, people committed to striving to do things well and on time and thanks to this effort we offer the best products on the market.


Offer unique and innovative products, preserving a Mexican artisanal touch where you can appreciate the beauty and color of our Mexican culture.


Generate a taste for Mexican culture through our pieces, thus taking a part of Mexico to every home in the world.


CERAMEX keeps its customers close, since they are part of our family and the reason to always offer quality products responsibly. Likewise, being a company that produces and distributes, we managed to generate opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Our company likes to grow together with our members, be part of innovative projects and listen to what our creative area has for the benefit of all.

The philosophy as a leading company in the market is that if it is necessary to increase the community within CERAMEX, they must be treated as FAMILY.