Relief Line

Embossing is a handmade finish in which natural elements such as flowers and butterflies are used with an enhanced effect.

The pieces with the Relieve finish are ideal to be used to highlight the traditional colors and decorations of our Mexico.

Relief Line is available for distribution nationally and internationally.

In the Decoration Category we offer items to stylize the surroundings whether it is an office, home, school, business, etc., part of the products that can be purchased are crosses, skulls, catrina, among others.

The products give harmony and contrast of totally traditional colors of Mexico, this being one of the most important attributes of our crafts.

Animals are an important part of our environment and therefore we decided to immortalize them in the product of our company, such as salamanders, iguanas, frogs and more animals that represent our Mexico.

Colors give life to those creatures that adorn ours, at CERAMEX we like challenges and we represent them in each of our clay pieces.

In the Gardening Category we like to make your home, office or business … a home, with harmony and decoration that our different models of pots that we make can provide you. Being one of the favorites of our clients and those who export abroad.

They are part of our pride and in them, as well as in the entire product, we put our great effort to give them a QUALITY product. Proudly Mexican.

One of the great benefits with us is the option of the decorations that we offer in our Relief Line, we are interested in meeting the tastes of each client and therefore we develop different finishes in order to please each of our consumers.

We handle six different sets:

Primavera, Talavereado, Pueblito, Desierto, Mariposa and Tapete, of which with our Ceramex Family they can choose the piece they like the most.


Get a closer look at some of our pieces and their creative handcrafted finishes.