Kitchen Line

In the Kitchen we use the Engobe and Emboss finishes to give the traditional focus of our pieces and that they can share our Mexico in their homes.

Kitchen Line is available for distribution only at the national level, we are innovating and will soon be available to the rest of the world.

In the Cazuelas Category we want to share the seasoning and typical preservation of clay in Mexican foods.

Bring a product with long-lasting quality and, above all, that a tradition that has accompanied us for many generations in our Mexico can be maintained.

Ceramex recommends eating healthy.

In this category of pieces we show part of our products focused on the kitchen such as jugs, glasses, fruit bowl, sugar bowl and more …

Everything you need in your kitchen you will find in Ceramex, just ask about all our products that we have for you and how to buy them.

Ceramex wants to accompany you in the most special moments because it remembers that food is shared as a family and we want to be the Ceramex Family.


Get a closer look at some of our pieces and their creative handcrafted finishes.